How to Take a Course on Udemy operates as an online learning marketplace out of California. Launched by entrepreneurs Gagan Bali and Oktay Caglar in 2010, has more than 9,000 students enrolled in about 35,000 courses taught by expert instructors who possess considerable academic and professional expertise. Topics covered within Udemy’s core curriculum include business, technology, languages, and personal development.

Many prospective students want to know how to take a course on, from finding courses that match career goals to paying for the courses online.

Overview of the Website offers students a logically organized website that features broad sections that help you decide which classes to take. Most of the sections open to several sub-sections that separate course by topic.

how to take a course on udemy - search for courses
Udemy’s search bar, which you’ll find on their homepage.

Students can utilize the search box to find appropriate courses, but you have to type short phrases that include at least one keyword.


Each sub-section presents a short course description. By clicking the course sub-section tab, you read a more detailed course description.

udemy course descriptions
Hovering over a course will open up a quick description of the course in more detail.

Course Enrolment:

Enrolling in an Udemy class involves: 1. signing up for the class, and then 2. completing payment for your course. Making payments on Udemy’s website is just like any other online shopping cart. You can use most major credit cards, as well as Paypal.


Getting Started:

Once you’ve completed payment, you can gain instant access to your course. You get started by clicking the button at the top of the screen that reads “My Courses.”

udemy getting started on taking courses

Udemy also offers a feedback page that allows students to rate instructors and leave recommendations for creating future curriculum.

The New and Improved New Course Dashboard

Udemy recently unveiled its new course dashboard, which operates as systemic guide that uses prompts to direct students to where they want to go on the website. The prompts take students through the course development and publishing process.

how to use udemy's dashboard

Each course page contains tips and information that allows students to make informed course enrolment decisions. Before students save each course section, they check off the section on the left side of the page. Once the checklist is full, students submit coursework for review.

The online learning platform created by Udemy is highly intuitive. Lectures seamlessly transition, with the help of the Autoplay feature. The sidebar feature organizes the notes, materials, and transcripts associated with each lecture.

The Free Udemy Video Downloader

Udemy students have access to a free video downloader that presents lectures conducted by trained instructors who have acquire experience within their chosen teaching fields. The lectures typically run between 5 and 15 minutes, which helps students assimilate more information in less time. Udemy does not offer every video for free downloading, but savvy students refer to a Google search that demonstrates how to download these types of video by implementing a few Windows navigation tips. Udemy videos undergo a rigorous vetting process, as instructors follow Udemy guidelines on how to create and deliver effective video teaching tools.

How to Pay for an Udemy Course

Udemy has borrowed the ecommerce platform used by successful online merchants, from Wal Mart to Best Buy. With more than 35,000 classes available for enrollment, Udemy introduced the Shopping Cart to provide students with a convenient shopping platform to purchase multiple classes during the same online shopping trip

How to Use Udemy’s Shopping Cart

Click the shopping cart icon that is located in the upper right side of the home page. Udemy presents a preview of your shopping cart, which should be empty for students shopping for the first time on the website. A drop down list appears and you click Go to Cart, which displays you Udemy shopping activity.

udemy shopping cart

If you have changed your mind about enrolling in an Udemy class, you highlight the class and then click Remove. Udemy permanently removes the course from your shopping cart. Once you remove a course from the shopping cart, you cannot reverse the action. If you want to purchase courses in your shopping cart for viewing at a future time, you simply click Save for Later. All of the courses that you Save for Later list lower down on the Save for Later page. When you are ready to pay for a Save for Later class, you highlight the course and click Move to Cart.

Udemy offers a neat feature called the Wish List, which allows students to save courses of interest, without having to make an online transaction. The Wish List appeals to full time students who want to create a game plan for their Udemy educations. Udemy allows students to store up to 50 classes in the shopping cart, with the ability to use an unlimited number of coupons for all of the courses purchased.

Three sections comprise the checkout page: Cart, Saved for Later, and Wish List.

The Cart section lists the courses you are ready to buy. All you have to do is type in your credit, debit, or Paypal information and click the Buy Now button. Students move courses among the three sections by clicking the blue directions tab located on the left side of the class price.

Before you consummate the purchase of Udemy classes, make sure to apply all of the coupons you have acquired to reduce the cost of enrollment. Every class includes a space to add a coupon code, which sits just to the right of each listed course. Click apply for each of the classes you apply a coupon.

How to Review Receipts

Students should review their Purchase History to ensure they are charged only for the courses they have paid for enrolment. To review your purchase history, click your account picture located at the top right of the Home page. A drop down menu appears and then you click Purchase History listed at the bottom of the drop down menu. Click the Receipt tab just to the right of the class to review the receipt.

Udemy requires every student to sign up to use any of the course navigation features. After the initial sign up, you have to log in every time you want to search for, enroll in, or pay for an Udemy course. Udemy offers a wide variety of courses that appeal primarily to professionals that want to master one of more skills to advance their careers. However, some Udemy students enroll in numerous classes simultaneously to create compelling resumes for first time professional positions.