udemy vs treehouse

Udemy vs Treehouse

The proliferation of online learning platforms has created demand for websites that compare two or more platforms. Factors such as cost, curriculum, and website navigation help students decide where to invest money to build a better future. Two of the best online learning platforms called Udemy and Treehouse share several attributes. However, one of the online learning platforms specializes in offering technical curriculum, while the other online learning platform calls itself an “online learning marketplace” that caters to a broad segment of students. Before we get into the comparison between these two platforms I wanted to share my top tip for any online learning: get a good pair of headphones! They don’t have to be expensive, you can get a top headphone for less than $100 and they will really help you focus and get the most out of your courses.

Overview of Udemy

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Software designer, Erin Bali, meticulously tested the prototype for Udemy, before handing over the launch of the online learning website to Gaga Bali and Oktay Caglar in 2010. In the seven years since the launch of the website, Udemy has experienced rapid growth that has attracted more than nine million students who enroll in about 35,000 courses. Students download every Udemy course to watch short lecture videos. Udemy boasts instructors that have acquired considerable work experience in their chosen fields of instruction.

Overview of Treehouse


Treehouse offers more than 1,000 videos created by expert teachers on coding, web design, and business topics. The online learning platform consistently adds new videos to its expansive library, especially on web technology topics that require frequent updates. Students practice what they learn by taking quizzes and interactive coding challenges. Treehouse operates on the teaching principle that frequent tests help students retain information for application at work. The online learning platform rewards students with badges, every time they complete a Treehouse course. Badges demonstrate the skills acquired by Treehouse students.





Here are the most popular courses offered on Udemy.com:

  • Development
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Office Productivity
  • Information Technology
  • Personal Development
  • Photography
  • Health & Fitness
  • Teacher Training
  • Music
  • Web Design
  • Lifestyle
  • Languages

Here are the most popular courses offered by Treehouse:

  • CSS
  • HTML 
  • Web Design 
  • JavaScript 
  • Ruby 
  • WordPress 
  • iOS 
  • Android 
  • Development Tools 
  • Business 
  • Python 
  • Game Development 
  • C# 
  • Databases 
  • Virtual Reality 
  • Data Analysis 

Similarities Between Treehouse and Udemy:

Udemy and Treehouse share similar features, with affordable pricing ranking at the top of the list. Both online learning platforms instruct students via downloadable videos that present instructor lectures. Students enjoy convenient website navigation offered by Udemy and Treehouse, as well as access to course catalogs that help them make enrolment decisions.

The Key Differences:

The biggest difference between Udemy and Treehouse is the type of curriculum offered by each online learning platform. Udemy offers a large number of courses that teach specific life and occupational skills, which makes the platform ideal for working professionals looking to bolster their professional credentials. On the other hand, Treehouse specializes in offering highly technical courses that full time students take to land high-paying technology-related jobs.

Although both online learning platforms are considered affordable by most online education analysts, there are some cost differences between Udemy and Treehouse.

Udemy courses typically run between $29 and $99, with a couple of classes that cost about $1,000. Udemy offers more discounts and coupon options to help defray the cost of an online education. Some Udemy instructors offer discounts on the course they teach.

Treehouse offers two membership categories called Basic and Pro. Basic membership costs students $25 per month, while students pay $49 a month for a Pro membership. Treehouse offers a 7-day free trial for students to access the course library. You get to select from more than 1,000 hours of educational content to determine whether Treehouse matches your academic goals.

Navigating Udemy and Treehouse

Udemy has created an easy to navigate website. The online learning marketplace has created section tabs that allow students to explore the curriculum offered. Sub-sections logically placed under each section tab separate the courses offered by Udemy. Each course sub-section presents a short description of a course.

Students click the short course description to read a more in depth explanation for each course. You can also type keyword rich short phrases into the search box to access course information. However, your keywords must be accurate to access the right courses.

Enrolment for Udemy classes only requires students to sign up for a class and then click the button on the top of the screen that reads “Lecture 1.” Udemy wants students to follow the lectures offered for each class in order.

For example, Udemy denies access to “Lecture 4” of a course, whenever a student has not completed the academic requirements for “Lecture 3.” Udemy wants students to leave feedback about curriculum and instructor teaching skills.

We encourage Udemy to present longer instructor bios to give students insight into instructor academic and professional experience.

Treehouse has created a simple website layout, with the home page containing a list of all the topics offered by the technical online learning platform. Students can explore four areas of learning that include Build a Website, Learn a Code, Build an App, and Start a Business. Build a Website teaches the basics of creating a website from developing text editors to implementing HTML code. Learn to Code instructs students on how to use Ruby on Rails to help build the next revolutionary product.

Students learn about the courses offered in the Build an App section of the Treehouse website. Start a Business walks students through the process of starting and operating a small business.

As with Udemy, Treehouse presents little, if any information about the background of its instructors. The online learning platform can take advantage of its high tech curriculum by describing the skills and experience instructors bring to the online classroom.

So Which is It: Udemy or Treehouse?

The question is not which is better, Udemy or Treehouse. The question is which of the two leading online learning platforms is best for you. Udemy attracts both hobbyists and professionals who want to master individual skills.

Treehouse caters to full time students who want to master a job. Udemy offers many more beginner level courses, while Treehouse typically require a certain level of academic competence to enroll in classes. Both online learning platforms provide affordable educations, with Udemy charging by the course and Treehouse offering a two tier membership pricing plan.