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Udemy Coupon Codes for July 2017:

Welcome to our overview of Udemy coupon codes. With the mission “to help anybody learn anything online,” Udemy promotes the teaching principle that anyone can teach and share what they have learned. Udemy attracts more than 10,000 instructors who develop around 1,000 new courses every month.

Udemy actually offers quite a few free courses, however most of the classes cost between $29 and $89. A few high-end classes, such as “The $400k Crowdfunding Launch Formula” and “How to Trade Stock Options: Profiting in Up and Down Markets” cost nearly $1,000.

The affordability of enrolling in Udemy courses is enhanced by the availability of coupons that students use to keep Udemy affordable. While Udemy offers the majority of the coupon codes, course instructors also offer course-specific coupon codes for their own classes sometimes. Those outside the the U.S. can use UK coupon codes to save money on courses.

The Best Udemy Coupon Codes Right Now:

  • Learn from the Best: Take Any Course For $10:

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    Use this coupon code to take nearly any course on Udemy’s website for just $10.
  • Take one of Udemy’s 10,000 Courses For Just $10:

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    This is another promo code that’ll enable you to take a course for just $10. That’ll save you up to 90% off the regular price of an Udemy course.
  • Take an Udemy Course for $15:

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    You can use this promo code on your next course, and it’ll reduce the cost of nearly any course down to just $15.

How to use Udemy Coupons

Many online shopping carts conceal promo code areas, which can be frustrating to website visitors that want a straightforward checkout experience. As a result, we’ve added this section to make sure you enjoy maximum savings, while shopping for classes on Udemy.com

First, select the course you want to take. Click on ‘Add to Cart’.

After that, click on ‘Go To Cart’. Then you’ll see your course in a shopping cart, with this on the right hand side.

how to redeem udemy coupon codes

Sometimes coupon codes will automatically fill in this section. If not, then use one of our promo codes from above and place them in the ‘apply coupon code’ entry field.

Now click “Apply.” The price of the class immediately changes to reflect the coupon discount. Finally, click the “Buy Now” button to the purchase the discounted class.

For Mobile Users:

If you work from an iPad, use the Safari browser and you should see an Udemy mobile website version that appears similar to the standard web version displayed for personal computer users.  Enter your coupon code into the “Redeem a Coupon” section of a course purchase page.

Udemy offers the Udemy IOS App to help students purchase classes via the In-App Purchase feature. 

The Udemy Android App also includes an In-App Purchase feature that is almost identical to the In-App Purchase feature available for IOS users. The Android app occasionally crashes, which detracts from the easy to access prompts to ensure you receive a coupon discount form enrolling in one or more Udemy classes.

A Little Background Info on Udemy.com:

udemy coupon code

California entrepreneurs Oktay Caglar and Gagan Bali launched Udemy in 2010, after extensive Beta testing that simplified user navigation. By the beginning of May in 2017, Udemy had an enrollment of about 9 million students that took more than 35,000 classes. Students download on-demand videos to complete self-paced courses. Instructors cover a wide variety of topics, from personal development for working professionals to business administration that helps students advance in their careers.

Udemy.com has transformed the online education model. The original mission of online education programs was to offer courses that closely followed the academic standards and guidelines created by brick and mortar institutions of higher learning. Udemy has created an online education platform that encourages anyone who possesses exceptional knowledge in a specific academic discipline to develop curriculum for a class. Udemy operates on the academic principle that anyone can teach and share course curriculums. Originally bankrolled with a $48 million investment, the co-founders of Udemy quickly attracted additional investors that poured millions of dollars in into the rapidly growing online learning marketplace.

The coupon program offered by both Udemy and course instructors represents a groundbreaking way to attract students that otherwise would not take classes to advance their careers. Because of the success of the Udemy coupon program, Udemy works hard to make finding the coupon code box a simple process for students.

Udemy on the Web:

Starting with its website, Udemy has created a strong presence online. Udemy has a Facebook page that does a great job of communicating important information, from course curriculum changes to updates on Udemy for Business. Students offer feedback on courses and instructors use the social media page to answer student questions. Udemy leverages Twitter to send out urgent messages that typically discuss website technical issues or updates of fixing site navigation problems.

Here are the addresses for Udemy’s primary social media pages:

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/udemy

Twitter- https://twitter.com/udemy

Tumblr https://www.tumblr.com/tagged/udemy-free

The Tumblr social media website presents updated information about Udemy coupons, especially the coupons that offer 100% savings. Students can stay abreast of the latest information about any facet of Udemy’s website and curriculum by signing up for Udemy Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler accounts.