udemy vs lynda - which one is best

Udemy Vs. Lynda: Which One Is Right For You?

So you’ve eager to enroll in an online course to learn a new skill. You’ve got some espresso brewing & are eager to consume online module after module.

But which learning platform is better?  

The proliferation of online learning websites has created a cottage industry for comparing two of the websites to determine which one offers more value for students. If you are interested in enjoying the many benefits associated with online learning programs, then you should thoroughly review what Udemy and Lynda have to offer. Many online learning experts call Lynda and Udemy two of the most popular online learning platforms.

But first, let’s compare the two platforms to figure out the best option for you:

First: An Overview of Udemy

Created by software designer Eren Bali, Oktar Caglar and Gagan Bali took Udemy.com live in 2010. Since its first year of operation, Udemy has experienced explosive growth that …